Who We Are

The ZimUzo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals and communities, through education and community development in rural communities in Nigeria and Pakistan, and in the inner cities of the United States. We leverage technology to enhance education and healthcare delivery, and augment local resources, which are often grossly inadequate or nonexistent. ZimUzo is run by a group of dedicated unpaid volunteers. 100% of the funds donated to ZimUzo goes towards the cause. ZimUzo is a member of the United Nations Ambassadors of Sustainable Development Goals Network and recognized by the Global Peace Chain as a Global Peace Ambassador, advacing world peace by furthering the United Nations sustainability development goals, through quality education, good health and wellbeing, clean water and sanitation.

Vison, Mission, and Values

It has been said that education is the great equalizer. Some say it is the key to enlightenment; others say it is the key to success. The fact is that we believe all of this, because a good education develops the mind, equips a person with the necessary foundation to imagine, strive, and achieve goals, and enables a person to acquire the skills that instill free play of the intellect, analogical reasoning, and rational thinking that make one tolerant, collaborative, and a good citizen. Our mission is to create the opportunity that would give children in poor communities in Nigeria, Pakistan, and the United States a chance to obtain education, thereby giving them a chance to succeed in life and become productive and good citizens of their local communities and the world at large. We believe that all of us, anyone and everyone, can make a difference, if we do all we can, with all we have. Our value is rooted in our founder’s notion of collective responsibility for our benign neglect of the disadvantaged and deprived. The best way to ensure our safety and world peace is through education of those who could least afford it, who by consequence are prone to exploitation and destruction.

Our Donation Policy

100% of your donations goes to the cause. All of our staff are volunteers, and our operation cost is borne by founders. Our pledge to you is that your donation will go towards the purpose for which it was intended. Our financial accounting will be part of our annual reports and published online for all donors to see.