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07/23/21 - Health center in rural community in eastern Nigeria finally opens

Exactly one year ago, ZimUzo Foundation announced its donation of medical equipment and devices to a health center in a rural community in eastern Nigeria. Since then, there have been many more donations, as ZimUzo worked to help the Enugu Mmaku community establish the center with more donations, planning, and logistics assistance. The long-awaited opening of the center took place on July 23, 2021. Over 400 people attended the opening ceremony, including community leaders, local government officials, and health officers from the University Teaching Hospital Enugu, who helped coordinate the event. Free health checks were performed at the event, including cervical test for women, blood sugar test, blood pressure and test for other minor vital signs. View picture gallery of the event.

12/20/20 - Donation of Communication Devices to Peace Officers in Nigerian village

ZimUzo donates communication devices to the peace officers of the Mmaku village in Nigeria.

11/02/20 - Clean water initiative to eradicate cholera and typhoid fever in rural communities in Nigeria

Public health is a key part of our community development initiatives. Many of the common health problems in developing countries, such as cholera and typhoid fever, are all waterborne diseases. These rural communities still rely on rivers, streams, brooks, and ponds for their drinking water supply, and these water bodies are often polluted with fecal substances, which are fed into them by run-off rain water. Public health education only goes so far in combating this problem, since it is logistically extremely difficult to boil all the water necessary for domestic use and and cool it promptly, in time for use. Moreover, the inhabitants of these communities do not have access to chlorine or the sophistication to apply it effectively and do not have the infrastructure or facility for proper handling of sewage.

In order to solve the problem, the solution is to provide a controlled source of clean drinking water. That’s is why ZimUzo has launched an initiative to install bore in some rural communities in Eastern Nigeria, to provide these communities with clean drinking water, thereby eliminating cholera and typhoid. This would definitely improve health and economic productivity in these communities. You can make a donation today to support ZimUzo in this initiative.

11/02/20 - ZimUzo launches project to install VSAT internet in rural communities in Nigeria, as a critical component of its education and public health initiatives.

The founders of ZimUzo are Information Technology professionals and understand the application and efficacy of information technology in education and healthcare delivery, especially in rural communities with little or no infrastructure. Reliable internet access is a strategic component of the ZimUzo education and public health initiatives, as it is critical to remote learning, access to books and information, telemedicine, etc. ZimUzo has embarked on a project to install VSAT internet access for a high school in a rural community in Eastern Nigeria, which would also benefit the nearby community health center. You can make a donation today to support ZimUzo in this strategic initiative.

10/26/20 - Donation of COVID-19 Masks to Hope Center Orphanage & School in Pakistan

As a critical component of its COVID-19 initiatives, ZimUzo donates 1,000 COVID-19 reusable masks to the Hope Center Orphanage & School in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

10/24/20 - Winter Clothes Drive for the Hope Center Orphanage & School in Pakistan

One of ZimUzo’s beneficiaries are the children at the Hope Center Orphanage and School in Pakistan, where we provide food, shelter, and education to orphans and indigent children.

The Hope School is a mobile day school by which we provide education onsite at the brick kilns to the children of families (slaves) who live and work at the brick kiln sites. There are 101 children in the Hope School and 39 children in the Hope Center Orphanage, making a total of 140 children, ages 5 to 13.

Every year, between the months of October and November, ZimUzo partners with the Hope Center to provide warm clothes to the children at the orphanage and school in readiness for the winter. This month, ZimUzo is starting a drive to raise funds to purchase coats and sweaters for the children of the Hope Center and School. The goal is to raise between $1500 and $2000 to purchase sweaters, winter coats/jackets, socks, shoes, and school uniforms for the winter season. Please visit the gallery and consider donating.

10/13/20 - Donation of Medical Devices and Supplies to Rural Community Health Center in Nigeria

ZimUzo donates medical devices, hospital equipment, and supplies to a rural community health center in Nigeria in furtherance of its community public health initiatives.

10/06/20 - COVID-19 Education Initiatives in Nigeria and Pakistan

ZimUzo launches COVID-19 education campaigns in rural communities in Eastern Nigeria and Faisalabad, Pakistan.

09/30/20 - Annual Public Health Education Initiative

ZimUzo prepares kicks off the 2020 annual public health education campaign to curb cholera and typhoid fever in rural communities in Nigeria.