Our Cause

We are committed to fostering global health and peace through education that helps disadvantaged people, especially children in developing countries, particularly in Nigeria and Pakistan. Our programs are designed to help children learn in school and improve the prospects of a higher education that would give them a chance to develop and pursue a dream of a better life. Through education, we hope to give children an opportunity that would lead to a better life and reduce poverty and despair, which often make them vulnerable to exploitation by criminals and extremist groups. Educated young people become professionals and empowered to support their families and communities, thus bringing hope and development to their communities, which translate to healthy and peaceful communities, and ultimately to a more peaceful world.

Everyone is deserving of an opportunity to receive quality education and succeed in life. However, the reality is that not everyone is afforded such an opportunity. The difference between one bright child and another bright child succeeding often comes down to where the child lives, how much is invested in the child, and who is looking out for the child. For bright children who often get lost in the cracks, the cause is usually attributed to one of those three reasons. This is where ZimUzo comes in, seeking to fill each of those three roles in a child’s life through our three focus areas: student enrichment, school enrichment, and community enrichment.


Computer skill is increasingly becoming a basic functional skill that enhances life in almost every imaginable way, from learning to access to information. It facilitates education and we at ZimUzo recognize the power of computers and computer skills to transform a person and a community. Leveraging that power is essential to our success in achieving our goal. To that end, we are committed to establishing a computer lab in rural schools in the communities that we serve. We have commissioned our first project in that initiative to build a computer lab capable of sitting 30 students for the Mmaku Community Secondary School, in Eastern Nigeria. Thanks to Interactive Business Systems, which donated 30+ refurbished desktop computers towards the MCSS project, we are closer to making the project a reality. Our goal is to complete the building construction by the summer of 2021.

A computer lab is essentially what a community library was at the dawn of the twentieth century, yet in many ways it extends the community library beyond geographic boundaries, through the power of the so-called information super highway, the internet, capable of inspiring and expanding the horizon of imagination and wonder of a person, especially a young person. With this wonderful resource, ZimUzo is able to organize and teach students in rural communities around the world, from anywhere in the world, through hands-on learning. We are applying the same approach to deliver health education and preventive healthcare in using telemedicine.