Below are the most frequently asked questions:

When was ZimUzo founded?

It was founded in February of 2020 and established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in June of 2020.

Where is ZimUzo based?

ZimUzo is based in the United States, but has satellite offices in Nigeria and Pakistan.

Who is the target population of ZimUzo?

ZimUzo's programs and services target the underserved population of school children in Eastern Nigeria, orphans in Pakistan, young people seeking to enter the work force for the first time, and unemployed adults seeking to re-enter the workforce with new skillsets.

How will ZimUzo fund its programs?

ZimUzo funds its programs through self-funding, financial donations, material donations for schools (equipments and surplies), material donations for medical facilities (medical equipments, surplies, and medicines), and volunteers donating time and skills.

How does ZimUzo determine who receives scholarships?

Through a committee that works with schools and local leaders in local communities, working based on criteria of financial need, academic performance, and external circumstances.

Are donations made to ZimUzo tax deductable?

Yes, ZimUzo is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations made to ZimUzo are fully tax deductable.

Is ZimUzo a global organization?

At this point in time, ZimUzo has presence in two countries in two continents outside of the United States and plans to expand to other countries in future.

Does ZimUzo have any official partner organizations?

Not yet. ZIMUZO eventually plans to partner with organizations of likeminded vision and purpose, downstream or upstream.

Is ZimUzo a religious or religiously based organization?

ZimUzo is not necessarily a religious organization, but it is inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ to care for the most vulnerable populations and to do good with whatever we have.