Global Projects

ZimUzo is strategic, pragmatic, and globally aware. Our projects target addressing specific needs locally through pragmatic education, providing poor children in countries in West Africa and South East Asia with elementary and secondary education, and equipping people in the United States who are either entering the job market for the first time or out of work and seeking re-entry into the job market with skills to embark on new professions in IT through hands-on training, internship, mentoring, certitification, interview prep, and job hunting. Here are some of our past and current global initiatives:

•As part of its community development program, ZimUzo donates medical devices for use in diagnosing, preventing, treating, and managing chronic medical conditions and diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. and collecting vital signs. The donations also include a power generator, a computer, and electronic medical record system for managing patients’ medical records to help physicians build patient health profiles and to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

•Partnership with HIS MISSION INTERNATIONAL to bring relief to people devastated by the flood in 2010

•COVID-19 education campaigns in rural communities of Nigeria and Pakistan

•Public health education initiatives to curb water-borne diseases in rural communities of Nigeria

•COVID-19 mask and blood pressure device donations to rural community clinics in Nigeria and Pakistan

•Education campaign to prevent an emerging epidemic of substance abuse among youths in rural communities in Nigeria, who are increasignly addicted to Tramadol and marijuana

•Partnership with HIS MISSION INTERNATIONAL, a local organization in Faisalabad, Pakistan, to establish and run the Hope Center School and Orphanage in Faisalabad, Pakistan since 2010

•In 2010, during the aftermath of the devastating flood in Faisalabad, Pakistan, ZimUzo, under the HisVirtues inititaive, partnered with the HIS MISSION INTERNATIONAL in an attempt to establish a clothing line to provide employment to the local community and raise funds for the Hope Center orphanage.